Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to fultonmiller.com! I… am Fulton Miller, and this site is where I will be pouring my thoughts and imagination for you, the world, to read. This is a place where anyone can feel free to hash it out over, or educate themselves on topics of every nature (be it science, movie/television conspiracies, government… stuff, or just about anything else). If you’re bored, or in need of a chuckle, please check out my humor section, which contains my “artfully” drawn comics along with anything else I create that I think might be found humorous. Currently I do not have a lot up, but there are a few things I encourage you to check out and give feedback on. In the meantime, I would love to hear suggestions as to what else I should put on this site! Thank you for visiting and please enjoy your time on fultonmiller.com!

One thought on “Hello and Welcome!

  1. Hi Kid. Great read!! i will re-read it in its entirety when i get back from our trip with your Dad.
    i guess i shouldn’t be impressed with how much you know, after all, its in the genes.
    what is your opinion of Charles Krauthammer? i think thats spelled correctly??
    Do you know his history?
    tickled to join your blog.

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