About the Great Creator

Hello, and welcome! My name is Fulton Miller, and this fine website is where I place my thoughts, ideas, and questions about… well, just about anything and everything that interests a hungry mind.
Currently, I am enrolled as a senior in highschool, sing and play guitar in a local band, and have worked as a cook at my parents’ restaurant for the better part of the past five years. With this broad range of interests and activities, I have unearthed a deep burning lust for any and all information — no matter how inconsequential or obscure — that only continues to grow with time. To postpone my inevitable insanity, I have created this site with the main goal of corresponding with multitudes of like-minded individuals, as well as an attempt to get some of my work — be it writing, music, or otherwise — into the public eye.
So please, feel free to put in time here at all hours of the the day or night and feed the monster within your and my imaginations.

I am always open to suggestions and feedback, so let me know what you think.

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